Sunday, May 22, 2011

ScottLordnovelist's webcam video test for weight lift abdomen torso

Please, I told you that you could use this computer. The camera wasn't working and I don't have you on it yet.

I'm sorry I didn't film you when we had dinner together- the camera wasn't working. I'm honest, I'm in love with you and don't want you to go.

I don't want you to go and we won't talk about it.

If I saw a female friend today, we're not dating. I may have been breaking the ice a little for someone pretty to talk to, while you were home- no one you wouldn't like. If I did, usually we're distant and I opened it up a little. It's not a romance- we're not involved; I like her and her company and may have let her know that.

If I see her again and have to tell her I'm in love with you it'll break me and I'll have to tell her again I like her alot. I'll have to tell her I like her.

These are tests for the camera- I'm not going to have my eyes filmed without you.

I looked for you in the event you needed something; I went to four places you might have needed to be, including Arlington Street Boston and including where there once was a bookstore I really found it to difficult to return to find it now gone having lived here as long as I have. Point being, if I knew of an excuse, I'd have you come get me and meet me here.

I mean it, I like her and I'm glad she knows it, but

Please, I mean it, "See You Around", it been too many hours.

Scott Lord

Next Day:

Friday I lifted 200 on the vertical chest- tonight I benched 215 twice, having begun repetitions at 150-170.

Again, I weigh 135 and take a size 32 waist in dungarees/bluejeans.

I repeated or improved Fridays lift on a Monday, but I'm really not sore. The curl was 160 with barbell repetitions (25 in between heavier lift). Friday I combined vertical lift with incline press repetitons to improve the bench. My notes say I curled 170 with barbell reps.
The Lal pulldown I've been working on for a year and it is weight- I've got it to 240lbs that I won't compromise and I've got that up to ten repetitions, it works the biceps, so I like to tone the other muscles. The dip is work now that I've gotten it to 240lbs, so I thrust ten pump repetitions.
A year on the abdomen I've moved it to twenty reps at 200 and the rotary torso is also at 200, but their quick and easy 15 reps.

I've got heavy weight with increasing repetitons from the Whey Powder. Honestly, the Whey Powder is the same cost as the lift, so its been double, but depending on the whey powder it can have nutrients and if it doesn't, my vitamins were extensive during the winter, so the Whey Powder gives a thrust to the vitamins. Therefore if the Virility supplements, which can equal the cost of the lift, making the lift cost three times as much as it does, aren't super effective, then the Whey Powder makes up for it a little.
In effect, the lift was probably three times the cost when you include everything I take, and ok, sometimes four times if you include not only virility, but some stamina and vitamins for my hair (divorced men know how to shop, quickly and thoroughly)-
I didn't gain very much weight, but lifting that much, you should be able to see the muscles a lot more than last year- the gain in power I'm reminded of every day.

After a year- I can Lift.

Why? She's so thin near her shoulders and "comes up to my chest". My waist is flat now. If her heads on my chest, I'll make sure there's no stomach there whatsoever, there will nothing to hang on to, just off of- nothing to put her arms around that isn't flat. Her shoulders are that small and thin-
I worked the stomach first, then deltoids, and triceps, now biceps and quads; I'm an Avenger.