Friday, June 24, 2011

Donna bought me dinner, singing early morning

Donna was singing this morning as we got dressed. She bought me dinner last night.
We watched the film in bed, she liked it. I was very honored to watch it with someone, especially her, in that I had seen it alone during the last year becuase it was filmed on location in Cambridge decades ago and I recognize the streets, but wouldn't know where all of the are. They key to the plotline really is that she says, "Its not your fault." after she has already said "Love means never having to say you're sorry." The poem used during the write your own vows wedding ceremony that she reads is nice, but I can't think of how she as a character wrote it- its actually more British than Harvard and i would question if there is an Anne Bradstreet influence in its lines but Holmes and Longfellow weren't particularly love poets and the poetic stanza differs. There is a volume of Millay here and I might look for it in regard to the poetic image, but not the poetic languange. During the film I continually wanted to her recognize Harvard 1970 and she replied, "I didn't know we lived near something so famous.", so I said, "Oh thanks alot, Princeton the town or Cambridge the city. Beat Yale."
And she said, "Princeton the town of course."
We went to buy spoons before the film and she brought me to coffee at "our table". I left her a message thanking her for dinner, "You're a superfantastic girlfriend, please have the impression that you are."
She was singing this morning, but it was mostly spent getting dressed in a hurry- toothpaste,lipstick.
The slacks she had alterered are the tightest petite you have ever seen and the dress she had on looks like it was worn on Laugh-In, like Mod, with a horizontal line of pink, red concentric circles.
Hang tight, she's on the phone right now.

Scott Lord