Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Girlfriend, Donna: I filmed her in bed this morning, found her diary

I filmed Donna in bed this morning,nude, mostly above the waist be folding down the blanket, but got her in close shot and tight close shot where it would have been in medium close.

I found her old diary last night. There's an entry entitled, "Scott's gone". I don't have it in front of me at the moment, but it reads that I left and she asked my ex-wife were I was. It also chronicles that at that time, about a year ago, she wanted to ask her for my phone number and was interested in dating me. I'm honored, if not flattered in that its written in a way that "she was the one who liked" and wondered what chance she would have, not what chance we would have. Again, when I left I thought that she was living together and hadn't thrown a pass her before thate It literally is an account of her wanting to be a couple in the event of my divorce. Since meeting her a year later, its been mostly me that has been explaining that I was attracted to her.

Scott Lord