Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Girlfriend, Donna took me to dinner

Last night again was our most beautiful. When Donna was in college Margot Kidder visited her campus while filming The Amityville Horror, which was shot on location there. Last night, after she bought dinner we watched the remake in bed. She didn't get an autograph at the time. Apparently it is an "all-girls Catholic school" and I was suprised that they filmed a "horror" movie there. I mentioned that Love Story was filmed in Harvard Square and that you could see how different it was then from today. I had just gotten my learner's permit when she was at the college and saw the film in a theater first run. Actually, that night I drove a Chevy pickup.
Donna dresses well and has dieted down to 118 lbs. She's shorter than I and likes to get on her toes when she kisses. In bed I happenned to say, "To tell you the truth, you are a very nice woman."

Scott Lord