Friday, August 12, 2011

Donna is taking me to the Stevie Nicks concert, Boston Common Swans,Basic Instinct 2

She's in bed watching the sequel to Basic Instinct, Basic Instinct 2,which, starring Sharron Stone, was filmed in England and again has a subplot with something buried in the past.

Donna is taking me to the Stevie Nicks concert. I told her today, "I love you for this." Last night I told her that she made me the happiest man in the world when I brought her home a bathmat, she intimated that we were already living together and that we would continue to later. I looked and it seems that I haven't written (blogged) about us for nearly a week, which will have to be ok. It will have to be ok. But for various reasons, I began speaking to her in a more soft spoken way this week, which I like. She did take me to lunch, a ham sandwich this week. I told her today I love you for this when she got the tickets, and that it was a large expense for her. We walked through the common and public gardens because she wanted to see about the swan boats and the two swans were there under the bridge.