Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Donna loved this performance: Stevie Nicks - Dreams (Live in Boston, 8/29/11)

Apparently, if I were to ask you to meet me where Donna and I often spend time together near Harvard, to the University, it would be on the outskirts of the Porcelain Club, know to its students by its initials and founded by some austere, if not aloof, member named McKean, which would give the title of a film-novel, The McKean Imperative. I'm borrowing it to have a coffee and its where I ran an errand for Norwegian shag rolling tobbacco.
I didn't have time to type after attending church with Donna yesterday- book of Mark and the appearance of angels after the resurrection finished and onto the book of James. But she does like to sing in church and we had a beautiful time, after which she took me to dinner again, cheeseburgers and coffee, before our going shopping.
Not only does she truly enjoy singing in church, she loved this live performance by Stevie Nicks and was singing and swaying the night of the concert.

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